Wire Mesh Filter Products Made In China

- Oct 30, 2020-

Wire Mesh filter products include wire mesh filter tubes, wire mesh filter caps,wire mesh filter baskets.

Micron size:0.2μm - 300 microns

Material:SS316 316L, Brass, Copper, and other material.

Diameter size:2.6 mm to 5000 mm

Mesh count: plain weave from 1-635 mesh

dutch weave can be weaven up to 500x3500 mesh

Shape:Rectangle, aquare, round, oval, circular, cap, waist and abnormity

Material of the edge:stainless steel ,iron, copper, or aluminium...

Technique:spot welded, etching, edge covered, sintered, perforated or customized

Advantage:High filtering rate,corrosion & alkai & acid resistance,long use lifetime

Applications:Filtering oil Gas liquid separation,Uniform gas,well-distributed, diffuse gas or oil or heat

Filtration for high temperature environment,High pressure reverse wash filtering,Acid and alkali corrosion environment filtering.