What Is The Processing Flow Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Net?

- Dec 26, 2018-

The processing process of the stainless steel wire rope net is manual manual processing. The first step of the processing step is to collect raw materials, that is, to purchase stainless steel wire.

In the second step, the raw material was purchased and the cutting of the stainless steel wire was started. Only after cutting, it can be used for the weaving of the stainless steel wire rope net.

The third part is to order the accessories. This process is generally carried out in synchronization with the first step of purchasing the wire.

In the fourth part, the worker's master began to process the product. This step takes a long time. Because the product is artificially tempered, these steps are relatively slow.

In the fifth part, after processing, it is necessary to seal the product. This project is also relatively cumbersome compared to other steps, and it needs to be sealed in an open place.

The sixth part is to conduct quality inspection of the product.

In the seventh part, after the quality inspection is completed, the stainless steel wire rope net is packaged and packaged.