The Value Of Stainless Steel Rope Net

- Dec 27, 2018-

Some people say how the rope net is so expensive! In fact, this is not difficult to understand. First of all, we must know that many products are now produced by machines, and manual production is relatively backward, and the quality may not be fully guaranteed, but machine production avoids this situation, and machine production can guarantee stability. Production is produced 24 hours a day.

So in fact, stainless steel rope net is not only expensive raw materials, but also the processing cost is very expensive. We all know that the production of stainless steel rope net is purely manual production, and the production of a set of rope nets requires more procedures, including drawing, The upper buckle, the edge banding, the buckle fastening, etc., each step is very cumbersome, so the processing cost is naturally higher.

Do not think that this product is very expensive, but in fact this product is not produced in the market, because it requires pure handwork, so production depends on manpower. If there is no worker to produce, there is no way to complete large quantities of goods. So even if it is expensive, it has its truth.