The Material And Function Of The Tiger Cage

- Dec 29, 2018-

Every one of us knows that the tiger is the king of the forest. If such a king now does not protect it, I believe that it will not be long before it will be wiped out by us, because the law of nature is the natural choice and the survival of the fittest. Tigers chose biological evolution in their natural evolution and did not choose intelligent evolution. So although brave, it lacks wisdom. Nowadays, we will give the tiger a cage, let it spend safely in the cage, and will not crisis our lives. Is the tiger's cage a size?

Yes, the tiger’s cage is divided into different sizes. Just like the house where we humans live, the nature is the same. The houses we live in are big and small, so the tiger’s cages are large and small. If the tiger is a large predator type, then its cage is as large as possible, because it will help the tiger's healthy growth. If this is a little tiger, then its cage can be a little smaller, and wait for a bigger cage.

What kind of material do we use for the tiger's cage? In the past, people made some iron cages. Iron cages are cost-effective because they are cheaper. Therefore, it was very popular among people in the past. With the rapid growth of China's economic development, people have greatly improved the cages of tigers. Nowadays, stainless steel rope nets with protective anti-collision function are used to make cages. The cage not only has a strong anti-collision function, but also is not afraid of the tiger's fangs. The service life is more than 30 years, and its aesthetic value is recognized by people.