The Function Of The Decoration Net Is Set Up

- May 30, 2018-

The function of the decoration net is set up

Industry information, enterprise information, decoration bidding, designer club, decoration guide, talent market, discount merchant and other ten major topics, and "home (work) bidding, material tendering, personal job hunting, supply and demand information, decoration Forum" six special columns, have become decoration enterprises, material merchants, designers and decorating households An important channel for communication, communication, dissemination and access to information. At the same time, it also provides enterprises with comprehensive services such as website construction, e-commerce platform, network marketing, enterprise internal information engineering and so on. In order to show the image of the company, publish the company's products and publish the news of the enterprise news, it is the electronic commerce platform for ordinary people to inquire about the decoration knowledge, purchase building materials goods, publish decoration materials home information, online consultation, and decorate the budget online. It is the building material, home, decoration and brand publicity. And the professional media recommended for goods. Service purpose:

Our aim is to establish an industry integrity alliance and create a harmonious environment for decoration. Reduce the marketing expenses for the home enterprises, reduce the selection cost and the decoration cost for the owners, let the owners worry and feel relieved in the decoration, and finally achieve a win-win situation.