The Details That Should Be Paid Attention To When Purchasing The Stadium Fence

- Nov 30, 2018-

The stadium fence net is made of high-quality wire, column and mesh. It has good toughness and strength and can withstand the impact of various balls on the fence fence. How to install it cleverly, according to the specific site requirements, area, column mesh and other materials, a reasonable mix. In the purchase, there are some basic attention to detail.

Detail 1: Pay attention to different range of material specifications

Due to the large number of classifications, depending on the use environment, it can be divided into basketball courts, football fields, volleyball courts, badminton courts and other use occasions. It is obvious that the height of the stadium fence is different. Some basketball courts and volleyball courts need higher and better. The product. In the column column and production and use, it plays a huge role, and should pay special attention to it.

Detail 2: The anti-corrosion process used

Because it is often used outdoors, it is easy to cause rusting of the barbed wire fence. Nowadays, the common anti-corrosion and rust is applied to the surface with anti-corrosion layer, which is common green or red paint. Some will also use surface dip coating, spraying and other processes, the purpose is to enhance the surface anti-corrosion performance.

Detail 3: specific site fence specifications

Specifications, using the column: 60MMX2.5MM size, you can also choose some welded mesh bar, as a surface isolation device, the specific advantages are beautiful and durable, maintenance-free, easier to install, effectively handle a variety of net products . Make your use more durable.

In other respects, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the connection with the edge of the stadium is reasonable, because at some right angle edges, these products are easy to affect the separation of the sports floor and the periphery, which is reflected in the friction between the rubber track and the floor. Therefore, it should be isolated for the stadium net bar. When laying, it should have a certain distance from the internal runway and the floor, so that the athletes can fully exercise and use it more safely.