Tennis Court Stainless Steel Rope Net Installation Steps

- Jan 07, 2019-

1. Pull a straight line on both sides of a face to be installed to ensure a straight line

2. Install the column with the expansion screw at the beginning of one side, and measure with the level when installing the column to avoid the column skew.

3. After installing a column, put two horizontal columns in the 38 round tubes at both ends of the column (48 round tubes should support 60 columns), and the second column should also be worn in 38 tubes, U-shaped card facing in, installed Second column

4. By analogy, all the columns are installed.

5. Open the hook flower net to find the corresponding size of the installation, spread the hook flower net, find the steel bar, and use 4 steel bars to penetrate the outermost mesh of the four sides of the chain link net.

6. Hanging net: use the anti-theft screw to tie the steel bar and the U-shaped card on the column together, firstly pull the left and right sides of the 3 sides, and use the dilator to hook the steel bar and the column to stretch on the right side, and wait until the steel bar is stuck to the U. The card is connected with anti-theft screws

7. By analogy, all the meshes are installed.