Stair Railing Protection Net

- Dec 01, 2018-

 Buildings are already the place where we live. In many cases, we may not find that there are stair railing protection nets around our stairs. These protective CCTVs are more, some are in the form of railings, and some are in the form of glass. Some are mesh-like protective nets.

Most of the stair protection nets used in the home are stair protection nets in the form of railings. This type of protective net is usually cheaper in terms of price. Service life If the surface treatment is good, it can also be used for 10-20 years. If the treatment is not good, it is likely to last a few years. In some large supermarkets, there are stair railings on both sides of the mall. Nowadays, tempered glass is used. This is more beautiful and durable, and it is very fast to clean. In our building, the most used one is the stair railing in the form of a protective net. And many of our developers have used stainless steel.

The main function of the stair railing protection net is to prevent children and the elderly from accidentally stepping on the air, which may cause the phenomenon of slides. More often, our stairs are really powerless. When the elevator can't be used, people go up the upper floors to assist the upper floors.