Matt Type Chain Hook Curtain

- Sep 17, 2019-

Aluminum chain curtain is also called chain link curtain, metallic fly screen. It is manufactured from aluminum materials, which is with super quality. The aluminum chain curtain is lightweight and has a simple structure, which can let the curtain be easy to install and remove.
The surface of aluminum chain curtain is treated through anodized.  It supplies the curtain better resistance to the corrosion, rust and wear. The anodized surface treatment can ensure the color of aluminum chain curtain be various and durable. Various colors can make the places be fashionable and modern. Additional the durable surface can maintain a good condition in a long time.
Aluminum chain curtain is not only used in the home for curtains, fly screen and decoration, it is widely adopted in commercial application. It is widely used in the office buildings, restaurants and hotels for space divider, it can be used for wall decoration, ceiling decoration, lamp decoration in the shopping halls, exhibition halls and concerts.

Various matt and bright colors