Filter Net Cylinder Type Professional Stainless Steel Filter Net Tube

- May 30, 2018-

Filter net cylinder type professional stainless steel filter net tube

The filter cartridge is also divided into single-layer mesh, double-layer net and multi-layer net. The products are mainly made of stainless steel mesh, punching mesh, microporous mesh, electric welding mesh and ginning net. There is a bottom and no bottom.

Uniform filtration effect, high concentricity, high pressure, good straightness, stainless steel, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Features: single layer spot welding filter cartridge, filter, filter network, 1-500 mu m particles and liquid have good filtration, large unit area flow, after cleaning can be used repeatedly.

The filter screen is usually made of metal or synthetic fibers. It is used for the separation of various fluid substances. It is generally resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Filter net is called filter net, which is made of wire mesh of different net purposes. Its function is to filter the flow of molten material and increase the resistance of flow, so as to filter out the mechanical impurity and improve the effect of mixing or plasticizing. It has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance and so on. It is mainly used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Functional characteristics

Direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, convenient installation, high efficiency and long service life. Stainless steel filter screen will not cause corrosion, pitting, rust or abrasion.