Common Sense Of Decoration

- May 30, 2018-

Common sense of decoration

1. Waterproof construction should be coated with film waterproof

2. Waterproofing works should be completed after the completion of the concealed works and after acceptance.

3. After completion of waterproof construction, 2 water storage tests should be done

4. The waterproof layer of the bathroom should not be less than 1.8 meters

5, floor drain, Yin Yang corner, pipes and other places to do more waterproofing.

6. The ground leakage should be used for the odor leakage

7. Cold and hot water pipe left hot right cold

8. Do not walk from the ground as much as possible.

9. The cold water pipe must have a protective layer of 1CM in the wall. The hot water pipe is 1.5CM, so the tank must be deep.

10, PPR tube is to consider the thickness of ceramic tile, so that the pipe will not be exposed.

11, cook only a few minutes, wash vegetables for a long time, the bucket must buy large.

12, the faucet and the basin should be matched, and it will not be installed if it fails.