Application Of Stainless Steel Protective Net

- Dec 01, 2018-

In terms of name, the stainless steel protective net gives us the biggest hint is the protective function. In fact, its main function is the protective function. So where do we use protective nets in real life?

Protective nets are widely used. For example, when we are constructing roads, we will use road fences and temporary road fences. However, these nets are not necessarily stainless steel, but may be some other protective nets. At the airport, it will also be applied to the airport protection network. On the highway, the highway fence will be used. In the park, we will use the park fence. We will use the zoo fence in the zoo.

So in so many places are using protective nets, which are used stainless steel protective nets! Because the cost of stainless steel is generally higher than other protective nets, it is used in some high-end long-term places, and will use stainless steel protective nets, such as children's playground nets, bird language forest nets, decoration The net is used in stainless steel fences.