Filtration equipment should meet both market demand and industry requirements

- May 30, 2018-

Filtration equipment should meet both market demand and industry requirements.

The filter is the product we can often reach. Different filter processes are different. The use range is also different. The drum vacuum filter, invented in the early twentieth Century, realized the continuous filtration operation. Since then, various types of continuous filters have appeared one after another. Intermittent operation of filter has been developed because of automation, and the filtration area is increasing. In order to get the filter residue with low moisture content, the mechanical press has been developed. As a common equipment for solid and liquid separation, filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. In recent years, the environmental pollution problem is becoming more and more serious, which makes the demand for filter more enhanced. With the development of the times, the quality of our life is also improving rapidly. Therefore, the quality requirements of the products are higher, and the producers' requirements for equipment are higher. The separation equipment was born one after another. Nowadays, many filter enterprises attach great importance to the technological innovation of products, increase investment in scientific research, and promote product upgrading. In addition, in recent years, pharmaceutical companies face the new version of GMP certification. In this context, filtration equipment will play a significant role. It is reported that GMP mentioned, "the direct contact with drugs such as compressed air purification treatment, in line with production requirements." This shows that compressed air is a major source of power in drug production. But in actual production, the difficulty of compressed air purification is more, and the traditional compressed air purification mode is too complicated and high operating cost, so the energy consumption is low and its applicability is strong. It becomes the focus of attention in the filtration industry how to occupy a place in the fierce market competition. The filter is in our country. The pharmaceutical industry has a very important position and plays a very important role. With the continuous development of science and technology, as well as more and more people concerned about the environmental problems, filters have been paid more and more attention, and filters have been progressing continuously, and the demand of the market is satisfied well.